Human Computer Integration Lab

Computer Science Department, University of Chicago

This page highlights the impact of our lab's research beyond just paper citations and direct impact in the HCI community.

Live (TV/etc) press

Press on our Electrical Stereo Smell work (CHI 2021)

Press on our Trigeminal Temperature Illusions for VR (CHI Best Paper 2020)

Press on our HandMorph exoskeleton (UIST Best Paper 2020)

Press on our privacy bracelet (CHI Honorable Mention 2020; work with Heather Zheng and Ben Zhao)

Press on our haptic learning via muscle stimulation work

Press on our agency in haptics work

Press on our agency in haptics work

News articles about the lab as a whole

Interviews with us

Press on our new lab or Pedro joining UChicago

Academic classes, books, etc that show our work

  • The book Perspectives on Wearable Enhanced Learning (WELL) (Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019 I. Buchem et al.), mentions our work on EMS!

DIY/Maker Community using our projects

Other assorted press articles