Human Computer Integration Lab

Computer Science Department, University of Chicago

Essays (long-form writings from our lab)

1. Ask-me-anything at UIST 2022 about "Being a new faculty/starting a new lab" by Prof. Pedro Lopes

Oct 28th, 2023, Pedro Lopes:  At the ACM UIST 2022 conference I was humbled by being invited to give a special Ask-Me-Anything talk about my experience of starting on the tenure track and starting a new lab. Recently, I was immensely moved by the support of my colleagues at the University of Chicago's Computer Science Department who granted me early tenure in July 2023. This whole tenure adventure, plus the fact that UIST 2023 is starting now, motivated me to finally summarize my AMA for those who were not able to attend UIST 2022—many of whom wrote me or the UIST 2022 Social Chairs asking if the AMA would be publicly available—happy to say that despite how it makes me nervous to share this online, it now is available and you can watch the first half of the AMA here (25 minutes with slides). Click here to read the full article.

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